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  • Do you have children aged between 6 and 12 years old?
  • Do you have children at school taking their Math SATS (Key Stage 2) or equivalent?
  • Do you or anyone you know need to practice your times tables, maths mental reasoning or numeracy skills?
  • Do you have one of the new Android Tablet devices (such as a Motorola Xoom, Kindle Fire, Asus Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc)?

Then this is the one application you need!

Being parents ourselves we understand that it is vital for kids to learn solid arithmetic skills at an early age. The school curriculum for most 6-10 yr. olds focuses on three key math skills: Times Tables, Mental Reasoning and Numeracy (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

Our app focuses on the same core pillars and features times tables testing, mental reasoning, build-your-own-test, flash cards and much much more!!

Using the same techniques that our children are taught in school, MTK will give them a great tool to practice all these skills.

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Monkey Math Tablet Edition is for young children at school, or going to preschool for the first time. Do you have one of the new Android Tablet devices such as a Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tab? Then Monkey Math Tablet Edition is for you.

It’s important for kids to learn the times tables from 2 to 12 as early as possible to gain a solid foundation in early math. Monkey Math Tablet Edition is designed to let Mr. Monkey help teach the times table skills your kids will need. Monkey Math not only features a standard multiplication table test, but also the option to practice addition, subtraction, and basic division.

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Monkey Match Pro is a great educational tool for kids. Match cards in turn to complete the chain and find Mr Monkey! Feat. multiple packs (inc. numbers, shapes, letters and animals), multi-player support and high score tables!

High res graphics and sounds will entertain and educate them in key pattern matching skills.


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The Adventures of Bernard the Dragon

Many years ago, before you were born, before your parents were born and before their parents were born, there was a strange and magical land called Quinkanna. Quinkanna was a peaceful land ruled by the kindest King and Queen ever to have lived who shared their castle with their two young children; Prince Benjamin the Wild and Princess Jessica the Wise. The last time the land had been threatened was during the Great Dragon War when the fiercest, most evil dragons had nearly destroyed Quinkanna. Luckily for the King and Queen, no dragons had been seen in Quinkanna for a thousand years. Until now. The discovery of a dragon cub in the land who befriends the young Princess is a shock. Soon however, a mysterious illness befalls the beautiful Princess Jessica which threatens to destroy the happiness that had been bestowed on the land for so may years. It soon falls to the brave little dragon cub to take on an incredible quest to save her, and all of Quinkanna!


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The second book in the Bernard the Dragon series; The Unicorn Demon!





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Education through Entertainment

As parents ourselves we understand how important it is to help your children learn.  The way our children our taught is often very different to how we were taught so sometimes we need a little help!

Modern technology is all around our children, every moment of everyday.  Rather than allow this technology to be a distraction, we embrace it and use it to help children learn in a way that is fun as well as deeply educational.

At Which Way Is Down we create and publish application that you can use to help your children learn the core arithmetic and mental reasoning skills that will form the basis of a solid education. We also produce a few apps that focus a bit more on the fun than the education because life can’t just be about school work can it?!

In addition, Which Way Is Down is proud to be the published of the childrens book “The Adventures of Bernard the Dragon”, a fantastic book for kids aged anywhere from 5 to 15 and perfect for those just graduating to “real” books.

We hope you find something you like here!

Which Way Is Down

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