Maths Tablet for Kids (Android Tablets)

  • Do you have children aged between 6 and 12 years old?
  • Do you have children at school taking their Math SATS (Key Stage 2) or equivalent?
  • Do you or anyone you know need to practice your times tables, maths mental reasoning or numeracy skills?
  • Do you have one of the new Android Tablet devices (such as a Motorola Xoom, Kindle Fire, Asus Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc)?

Then this is the one application you need!


Being parents ourselves we understand that it is vital for kids to learn solid arithmetic skills at an early age. The school curriculum for most 6-10 yr. olds focuses on three key math skills: Times Tables, Mental Reasoning and Numeracy (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

Our app focuses on the same core pillars and features times tables testing, mental reasoning, build-your-own-test, flash cards and much much more!!

Using the same techniques that our children are taught in school, MTK will give them a great tool to practice all these skills.

Times Tables

Children start to learn their tables as soon as they start school. Frequently, teachers depend upon parents to help children practice times tables at home. Kids need to learn their times tables as early as possible to gain a solid foundation. In fact, they need to know their times tables forwards, backwards and all mixed up!



Using big, kid-friendly graphics, engaging graphics and even text-to-speech to make learning fun, our application will have them returning time and time again to see if they can beat their high score. Kids can practice individual times tables or have the game generate a random test using all the tables!

Number Challenges

From the moment times tables begin to be taught, addition, subtraction and division concepts are incorporated frequently.



Consequently, Maths Tablets for Kids features a full addition, subtraction and division practice and testing engine! The application features 5 different ‘difficulty’ settings so that it can be grow along with your child!

Number Chains

To further engage your kids and ensure they enjoy learning, Maths Tablet for Kids features an innovative and highly effective puzzle based learning approach known as ‘Number Chains’.



In the ‘Number Chain’ games, your child will turn over cards to reveal questions which, if answered correctly, will lead to the next question. Find all the pieces, in the right order, to win! This is a great way to learn through playing and kids will want to ‘play’ over and over again to earn medals!

Number Chains are available in multiplication, division, addition and subtraction versions!

Mental Reasoning

In the real world, our children are required to solve problems in many different ways. In many schools today, three key concepts are often used as core ‘pillars’ around which are children learn; speed, money and time. Questions such as ‘What time is 10 minutes later than 3:45?’ or ‘If a car is driving this fast for 10 minutes how far will it go?are routinely used to help our children develop mental arithmetic skills.

Maths Tablet for Kids features a powerful mental reasoning ‘engine’ that randomly generates questions across all these core pillars creating millions of unique questions to help you child practice.

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