About Us

As parents ourselves we understand how important it is to help your children learn.  The way our children our taught is often very different to how we were taught so sometimes we need a little help!

Modern technology is all around our children, every moment of everyday.  Rather than allow this technology to be a distraction, we embrace it and use it to help children learn in a way that is fun as well as deeply educational.

At Which Way Is Down we create and publish application that you can use to help your children learn the core arithmetic and mental reasoning skills that will form the basis of a solid education. We also produce a few apps that focus a bit more on the fun than the education because life can’t just be about school work can it?!

In addition, Which Way Is Down is proud to be the published of the childrens book “The Adventures of Bernard the Dragon”, a fantastic book for kids aged anywhere from 5 to 15 and perfect for those just graduating to “real” books.

We hope you find something you like here!

Which Way Is Down